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Magick Happens in Melbourne 2009 - Uncle Festers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Magick Happens in Melbourne 2009 [21st. September, 2009|01:44 am]
[Mood |excitedexcited]

It is with much excitement and anticipation that I recently learned that a "Magick Happens" event was again planned for Melbourne.  The last one was many years ago (8??).  We attended that one with a stall of goodies and did very well, plus had a lot of fun.  (Mind you we had just spent our last dollar at the time investing in lots of stock to take there and needing to replace our car unexpectedly at the last minute.)

We also travelled up to Sydney to attend two of the events there.  Then they were privately run by a lady called Rowan, who later passed the mantle onto P.A.N.  I haven't actually spoken to anyone yet - but expect to be there with bells on .  It should be fantastic. Spiraldance are booked and a witches ball is also planned for the evening.  According to the Facebook Page :
Magick Happens is happening in Melbourne on the 5th of December at the North Melbourne Arts Centre. Magick Happens is the event for anyone who is interested in or would like to learn about all things magickal, attend workshops and lectures and visit a reader or two to learn more about themselves and their future. It will be the place for people to come to meet other people with similar magickal interests and learn about local organisations and groups where they can further their learning or pagan social life.



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